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ACTION PLAN to integrate cycling in selected area

City partners substantiate the master plan and develop action plans concerning integration of cycling in their selected areas. The time frame is a period of two years (two year travel plans).
The action plans include a prioritised list of investments for infrastructure and service facilities. It activates preparatory planning for investments.
All partner cities will use similar methods with a strong emphasis on participation and international knowledge transfer:


The partner cities involve their identified target group, public and experts into the planning process to learn about needs and ideas for multimodal solutions including cycling. Target groups & planners are invited to local workshops. They discuss the requirements which are necessary for the implementation of the action plan.

THINK TANK workshop

In each of the partner cities an international think tank workshop will be organised. In these workshops international planner’s contribute knowledge and ideas on innovative service or infrastructure solutions to integrate cycling into multimodal transport system. International experts discuss the results of the local workshops. Each city partner should get new ideas and learn from international planners’ experiences.

Have a look at the outputs:


Participation for a new cycle highway in Rostock