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Cycling heroes / Go and bike to school

Title in original language:

Cykelhjältarna / Utmaningen – gå och cykla till skolan



  • “Cycling heroes” was tested in 8 cities: Sundsvall, Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Vällingby, Matfors, Hammarkullen, Svedala
  • Go and bike to school: Since 2005 annual project on national scale

Project description:

The project start

In 2010 the campaign “Cykelhjältarna” (“Cycling heroes”) was launched and organized by Svensk Cykling to test a new approach to motivate pupils for cycling. This organisation is representing the Swedish bicycle business sector, doing educational work and advocating cycling promoting.

In 2011 the school project “Go and bike to school” (Gå och cykla till skolan) resumed the motif of the campaign “Cykelhjältarna”. This project was executed by the “National centre for promotion of the health of children and youth” (NCFF) with financial support by Svensk Cykling. The NCFF had been doing their project a couple of years already.


Main goal of the campaign is to increase the share of children cycling to school. The kids get the chance to learn how to ride a bike or to improve their skills. Furthermore, they learn traffic- and behavioural rules. The participating children are in 4th grade (approx. 10 years old). The superhero-theme is designed to attract pupils to experience the joy of cycling: By cycling every child can use their “superpowers” to make their way to school safer and to save the world.

Another objective is advocating of cycling in schools. Teacher and parents, but also politicians, are informed about the advantages of cycling in general and as part of a healthy life style.


The program of this campaign takes two weeks. During this time the participating schools give their students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with cycling and its positive impact on health and environment. Behavioural rules, such as wearing a helmet, and traffic regulations are integral part of the training. The teachers are supported by companions of Svensk Cycling and the police. After having completed the program successfully the kids are motivated and able to ride to school on their own.

Since 2011 the project is organized in form of a national competition in which schools compete against each other. Prices adding up to 5.000 € in value are given to the winning schools.

Information and service offer

  • Website of the campaign (2010): www.cykelhjaltarna.se
  • By now part of the website of the NCFF
  • Information brochure of the NCFF
  • Material and toolkits to support parents and teachers during the campaign
  • Information for parents about dropping off children at schools
  • Information cards for children
  • T-shirts and comics for every participating child

Target group of the campaign:

School children in 4th grade


The campaign is funded by the “National center for promotion of the health of children and youth” (NCFF). The NCFF is financed by the Swedish government and is located at the University of Örebro.

Organizations responsible for the project:

Svensk Cykling

NCFF: National center for promotion of the health of children and youth

Project term:

“Go and bike to school” since 2005 on-going on national scale

2010 test of “Cycling Heroes”

Since 2011 “Go and bike to school” with “Cycling Heroes”

PR and documentation:

Contact person:

NCFF - National center for promotion of the health of children and youth
Camilla Bergholm
Phone: +46 (0) 706-82 11 38
E-Mail: camilla.bergholm@oru.se

Svensk Cykling
Klara Norra Kyrkogata 31
Box 22 307
104 22 Stockholm
Klas Elm
Phone +46 (0) 704-58 01 08
E-Mail: info@svenskcykling.se


Logo Cykelhjältarna © Johan Lindengren

Leaflet Cykelhjältarna © NCFF

Police at school during Cykelhjältarna program © Svensk Cykling

Comic Cykelhjältarna © Svensk Cykling

T-Shirt Cykelhjältarna © Svensk Cykling

Cycling training © Svensk Cykling