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Kalmar: 1st Cycling Monitor inaugurated

On the 20th of June 2013 the municipality of Kalmar inaugurated the first cycling monitor of the city. The cycling monitor is situated at the new cycling bridge that leads to the Hansa shopping area. City councilor Bertil Dahl in charge of issues related to cycling, unveiled the cycling monitor. It displays the number of cyclists per day and per year. Dahl presented flowers to the first person passing the counter. During the event the municipality offered free bike checks to passing cyclists and handed out the new cycling map.

Cycling monitor - data

Here you can find data from the cycling monitor in Kalmar:
- cyclists passing during the last day
- cyclists passing since the installation of the counter
- location and numbers in detail

By kind permission of eco-counter.

Kalmar - new cycling bridge

Cyclists passing yesterday:

Cyclists passing since beginning

Here you can find the position on OpenCycleMap:

OpenCycleMap - View larger map