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Kalmar: Expert report on shopping areas

The City of Kalmar wants to improve cycling to shopping and cooperates with two main shopping areas. They asked an expert to elaborate a report about the conditions for cycling in these areas and to give recommendations how to improve them. The report is titled "Kalmar Cykelstad - Measures for increased cycling to traditionally car borne shopping areas”.

The recommendations are based upon current cycling policies as well as up-to-date developments in cycling infrastructure and communication. The ideas presented in the report have been discussed thoroughly with civil servants and representatives from the real estate owners. The recommendations should be viewed upon as a starting point and inspirational long term aspiration in order to create an ongoing dialog between the different stakeholders. The report is one of the first in its kind, aiming specifically at cycling conditions in large scale, usually car orientated, shopping areas.

The expert report (in Swedish language) can be downloaded here:


The summary of the expert report in English language can be downloaded here: