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Gdansk: Journalists and their travels

Over a hundred of Gdansk’s journalists were surveyed within the process of a target group analysis. The research had been carried out to learn about communication habits of this group and their perception of the city’s mobility culture and infrastructure.

The self-administered questionnaires were handed out to media staff at their workplaces. The project’s team managed to collect responses in radio and TV stations, daily newspapers and web information site editorial office between December 2012 and January 2013. Journalists were asked about their transport modes as well as reasons why they travel the way they do.

Whilst asking about how they commute, we allowed more than one response, assuming that it may vary depending on the daily schedule. Over 54% respondents declared that they travel to work in their cars and almost 44% that public transport is one of their most frequent travel choices. Over 16% of surveyed journalist declared that they commute to work on their bikes, which is an impressive percentage, that the City of Gdansk is aiming at for all of its population by 2020. At the same time, over 30% research participants declared their preferred transport mode is a bicycle and 23% - that it is public transport. Persons who use other than preferred transport mode answered why. The distance is preventing almost 20% from travelling in preferred way and 9% mention financial restraints as an obstacle. Detailed explanations to this question provided comments on the structure of public transport in Gdansk. Almost 39% is satisfied with chosen transport mode.

Apart from surveys, there were also individual in-depth interviews conducted with five journalists who frequently cover the public space and transport topics. Through semi-structured interviews, we learned about active mobility obstacles they are aware of and asked about ideas on how to effectively promote cycling integration into the public transport system. Their suggestions will be helpful in designing a campaign promoting integration of cycling into the public transport system.