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ABC-project develops and implements an innovative cycling monitor which combines functions of already existing cycling barometers (counting and indicating number of cyclists) with additional service elements (orientation, climate information, inflator). Cooperating SMEs integrate these features into existing street furniture systems (city lights) to ensure a fast implementation and spreading of the innovation. Counting and indicating numbers of cyclists give a direct feedback to cyclists about their contribution to growing cycling traffic and reducing CO2-emission. The information is visible also for car drivers and pedestrians in public space. The cycling monitor clearly aims at public recognition for cycling. Additional service elements intensify motivation for cyclists. Data from cycling monitors are automatically collected and published on the project website. The continuous counting evaluates the effectiveness of cycling promotion.

Checklist – Cycling Monitors

There are quite a number of questions that need to be addressed when one considers installing a cycling  monitor. The municipality of Kalmar has developed a checklist concerning cycling monitors.

Consider what the design is doing to the image of cycling. Also, do you want the monitor to stand out or rather to blend in with the surroundings? Kalmar chose to have a red design on the monitor, a colour that stands out and is part of our graphic profile.

There are different parameters one could display. Kalmar chose to display the following: number of cyclists today, cyclists so far this year, and air temperature. The display should be two-sided when the bicycle traffic is coming from two directions.

It's useful to consider the following issues: location with high cycling traffic, visible from different directions and for different traffic users, visible to cyclists from far away,and measuring on one or two sides of the road.

Do you want to use radar measurements, conductive loops or some other technique? The radar is easy to move while the inductive loops may fare slightly better with respect to accuracy.

Data publication
Consider whether or not it is of great value to you to publish statistics automatically and continuously on your website.

It is cheaper and easier to use a power outlet nearby than to use a battery driven monitor. Make sure that the contractors involved are meticulous and have access to all necessary installation instructions. Mistakes in outlining the induction loops can lead to measure errors. The slots for the inductive loops have to be filled with bituminous mass, with has a melting point of 130 degrees Celsius. The loops can withstand a temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Inauguration/opening ceremony
Consider what your options are in terms of attracting the press to an official opening (writing press releases, invite key employees/politicians etc.). A stylish cloth may cover the monitor, which might then be pulled off during the opening ceremony, revealing the monitor. Try to involve a celebrity in the ceremony.
It is a good idea to have someone with technical expertise around (or available via phone), in case the monitor fails to work. Symbolically award the first person passing by the monitor, e.g. with flowers or a cycling giveaway.
Document the ceremony well to use that material on your website, in presentations, etc.

Read the full checklist here.


Have a look at the outputs:


Cycling Monitor in Gdansk