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Common evaluation method

The ABC-project aims to investigate, develop and implement campaigns that motivate to cycle.
Campaigns can have a high influence on choice of transport mode and change of behavior.
Usually campaigns are less expensive than infrastructure measures but it is often more difficult
to convince politicians to spend money for such soft measures than to spend it for hard
measures. Therefore it is very important to use an evaluation method to measure the success of

Cycling campaigns are generally implemented to raise awareness among inhabitants and
politicians and to contribute to the change of behavior of e.g. inhabitants to cycle more
frequently. An evaluation has to measure if and how these objectives have been achieved. The
ABC-project has discussed the following tools to measure the success of a campaign:
- panel survey
- media clipping
- expert interviews
- group discussion
- counting cyclists
- survey of modal split
- questionnaires
- lessons learned document

The ABC-partners support the expert’s general recommendation to make use of the
standardized evaluation method “MaxSumo”. However this method which is based on panel
surveys before and after the intervention was not applicable for the project due to insufficient

The ABC-partners agreed during the project-workshop in Gdansk in September 2013 that the
evaluation of campaigns should contain at least the following tools:
- lessons learned document
- media analysis
- data from cycling monitor

These tools are tested in the project and described more detailed in this document which serves
as “common evaluation method”.

You can find the document "common evaluation method" here: