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Kalmar 2014: Evaluation of campaigns and events

Kalmar has carried out 20-25 events and campaigns between 2011- 2014 which could be seen as pilot events. Those events carried out in the first years before the implementation of the communication plan, were the first pilot events, which has evolved by the communication plan and the purchase of professional event products. Most events and campaigns have been successful and appreciated by the cyclists. However, questions about which events were most successful, how many cyclists were reached and how does events and campaigns affect cyclists in Kalmar, are re-occurring.

By evaluating the cycling campaigns and cycling events carried out in the recent years, we can hopefully give an answer to some of these questions. The sources used in this evaluation are personal experiences, media clipping and cycling measurements.

The evaluation will be an important appendix and supplement to the communication plan, describing which types of communication tools that pays off. The evaluation will also contribute to even clearer and more efficient events and campaigns and conclude how to continue the communication work of events and campaigns to reach even more cyclist and potential cyclists.

You can find the evaluation report here: