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International think tank workshop in Kalmar

On 23th-24th of April 2013, the city of Kalmar organized an international think tank workshop for all ABC-Partners. For the last few years the partner cities had been working on their own pilot projects. The international think tank workshop was organized in order to lift local experience and add international knowledge from other partner cities.

The think tank workshop aimed to share knowledge and innovative ideas to problems defined and plans elaborated on local level. In order to receive a broad input in the think tank, the participants included therefore external and internal planners and the ABC partners themselves.  
Each city had formulated the tasks they wanted to discuss in advance.  During the workshop, the cities made an up to date SWOT analyses. The SWOT and the tasks to be solved served as basis for discussion in smaller, rotating, international working groups. The conclusions from the working groups were then summarized and discussed by the partner cities.
The workshop finished with each city presenting a list of prioritized measures for an action plan for further development of the pilot projects (Start-Stop-Continue).