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Kalmar: Action plan

In 2008 a bicycle strategy was adopted by the City Council in Kalmar and a budget objective was written: The bicycle traffic in Kalmar will increase by 15 percent from 2008 unitl 2012. For an active work with the bicycle strategy and the budget objective, the project Kalmar cycling city was set up in 2010, with a work group consisting of project leaders from three different municipality departments. Planning, investments, maintenance and communications have been the main fields of work for the project group and it has been successful. The budget objectives was accomplished in 2012 and the new budget objective, to increase cycling with another 15 percent until 2015, is already reached by two thirds in 2013. Since 2013 the bicycle strategy is not a driving document for the work of Kalmar Cycling City. Instead the Vision 2020, the Municipality Master Plan and the budget objectives are working as driving and guiding documents.

Since 2011 a yearly bicycle closure has been written to sum up the bicycle work of the preceding year and to act as an action plan for the years to come.

This local action plan for the bicycle work in Kalmar is a summary of the three bicycle closures (2011-2013) and a compilation of the planned continuing bicycle work in Kalmar.

The Action plan can be downloaded here: