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Bike Fashion / Gdansk Bike Fashion

Title in original language:

Moda na Rower / Gdanska Moda na Rower


Poland, Gdansk (460,000 inhabitants)

Project description:

Aim and objectives

The City of Gdansk aims to encourage their citizens using the bicycle as an everyday mean of transport. Therefore the city plans and builds new bicycle infrastructure and organises a number of social campaigns promoting this style of mobility. In 2010 and in 2012 they implemented campaigns connecting cycling and fashion.

This first campaign in 2010 wanted to show the fancy fashionable outfits for bikers and new interesting extraordinary bike accessories. This should foster a positive urban bike culture among young people. To achieve this the project wanted to encourage young people to deal with the bike as an everyday means of transport and to design something new and unusual for bikers.

The 2012 campaign wanted to brake with the polish stereotype that a bicycle is only for those who cannot afford a car and proved that a bike is a trendy and „cool” transport mode.


2010 the municipality implemented a Bike Fashion contest within the CIVITAS MIMOSA project. This competition was divided into two sections “Best Cycling Outfits” and “Best Bike Accessory”. The three best works at each section were prized with 3.000, 2.000 and 1.000 PLN. The ideas were collected from May until September 2010. The municipality received about 30 contributions. They were evaluated by the Tricity (Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot) fashion designers. Nine persons were awarded: three in the category “Best Cycling Outfits” and three “Best Bike Accessory”. Three further works were honourable. All winners were persons under 30 years old. The award took place during the main event of tthe MIMOSA MOBILITY WEEK on 25th of September 2010.

In 2012 the municipality started a new approach on this topic and launched the project “Gdansk Bike Fashion”. The main element was an Outdoor Exhibition of real-life size photos featuring Gdansk’s 15 cyclists selected from ordinary inhabitants. They are pictured in a casual elegant setting with a background of Gdansk city landscape. They represent a whole spectrum of ages, professional profiles and various fashion tastes, but all having the same passion for everyday urban cycling. It was preceded by social campaign and media promotion. Gdansk residents were invited to submit their stories via Facebook and a special, dedicated website.

The photos were displayed in 4 attractive locations in the historic city centre of Gdansk for a period of one month. Furthermore all the pictures were used in a calendar for the next year. The portraits with statements are also presented on the website www.modanarower.pl.

Target group of the campaign:

Bike Fashion 2010: Bike users in the City of Gdansk, especially students of Arts, aged 20-30.

Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Bike users in the City of Gdansk with a passion for everyday urban cycling and design.


EU funding within CIVITAS MIMOSA project

Organizations responsible for the project:

City of Gdansk within the project CIVITAS MIMOSA

Medial Support: Radio Gdansk

Project term:

Moda na Rower /Bike Fashion Contest: 05 - 09.2010

Gdanska Moda na Rower / Gdansk Bike Fashion: 07 - 09.2012

PR and documentation:

The campaign was accompanied by following promotion actions before the contest: posters, posters on bus and tram shelters, advertisements in newspaper “Dziennik Bałtycki” and “Dobre Wiadomości” as well as in the internet.

While the Bike Fashion Contest big posters were placed on the most frequented bicycle routes in Poland, on the seaside, and on bus stops. Furthermore 1,000 flyers were distributed among the residents on the seaside.

Website of the campaign: www.modanarower.pl

Photos of the campaign:

The campaign of facebook

The campaign on youtube

Contact person:

Ms. Małgorzata Ratkowska.

Wydział Gospodarki Komunalnej
Nowe Ogrody 8/12
80-803 Gdańsk
Phone: +48 58 526 80 82
Fax: +48 58 526 81 62
E-mail: malgorzata.ratkowska@gdansk.gda.pl


Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Portrait of Ola © City of Gdansk / Łukasz Oganowski

Poster 2012 © City of Gdansk

Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Portrait of Kasia © City of Gdansk / Łukasz Oganowski

Kasia’s statement: “The bike is a magical vehicle, which makes the world seem more beautiful”.

Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Portrait of Przemek © City of Gdansk / Łukasz Oganowski

Przemek’s statement: “ It is important to me that every single detail is perfect – my work, life and the way I move around.”

Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Portrait of Violetta © City of Gdansk / Łukasz Oganowski

Violetta’s statement: “ I love to feel the wind in my hair, especially when I ride my bike…”.

Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Portrait of Zuza © City of Gdansk / Łukasz Oganowski

Zuza’s statement: “ Bicycle is independence, wind blowing through your hair and a constant movement. And that's basically enough to fall in love with”.

Gdansk Bike Fashion 2012: Portrait of Dorota © City of Gdansk / Łukasz Oganowski

Dorota’s statement: “ Riding a bike gives me my own, personal feeling of freedom, refreshens the mind and emotions. I'm glad that Gdańsk supports that freedom.”.

Poster 2010 to announce the Bike Fashion Contest © City of Gdansk

The winner collection 2010 © City of Gdansk