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No ridiculous car trips

Title in original language:

Inga löjliga bilresor


Sweden, Malmö (300,000 inhabitants)

Project description:

The project was first launched by a nine day lasting campaign in May 2007 and has been repeated annually since then. It is organized by the City of Malmö.

The campaign focusses on getting people to reduce their “ridiculous car trips” by cycling instead of taking the car for short trips under 5 km within the city. To reach the desired change in travel behavior, the campaign is set up as a long-term project, being repeated every year.

The main idea is to approach people on a humorous basis, calling short car trips “ridiculous” – on one hand something nobody wants to be and on the other hand a disarming and playful word.

This humorous way of communication can also be seen in the different parts of the campaign: the heart of it is a competition, in which everyone can participate by confessing the “most ridiculous car trip” they have done. The most ridiculous entries are awarded with a bike.

Furthermore, cyclists in orange wests, silver helmets and a bag with a print saying “here rides a car-driver” ride around in big groups during rush hours to promote cycling.

As part of the marketing campaign, so-called “live billboards” are set up, in front of which real cyclists are riding as part of the advertisement.

Next to these special kinds of campaign elements, also conventional marketing is done. This includes giveaways, posters, radio-spots, brochures and advertisement.

Target group of the campaign:

Main target group are commuters taking the car. Furthermore, people who already bike, walk or take transit, are part of the focus of attention as they are supposed to act as ambassadors for the case.


Funding by the City of Malmö

Budget in 2006/2007 (initial phase): 1,220,000 SEK (~150,000 €)
Initial phase supported by Civitas SMILE (EU project)

Budget in 2008: 670,000 SEK (~78,000 €)
Support by the Road Administration Region Skåne (in 2008)

Organizations responsible for the project:

City of Malmö, Streets and Parks Department


Since 2007 annual in the end of May / beginning of June

PR and documentation:

Contact person:

City of Malmö, Streets and Parks Department

Linda Medberg
E-mail: linda.medberg@malmo.se
Phone: +46 40 342138

Sara Forslund
E-mail: sara.forslund@malmo.se
Phone: +46 40 342194

Malmö stad, gatukontoret
August Palms Plats 1
205 80 Malmö

Live billboard
© City of Malmö

Live billboard
© City of Malmö

© City of Malmö

Cyclists in orange wests
© City of Malmö

Live billboard
© City of Malmö

© City of Malmö

Live billboard
© City of Malmö